About Us

With 20+ years experience, we help business owners succeed by mastering your finances. We understand the value of financial knowledge for clients and create a service that helps businesses succeed through better financial management. We have curated the right people and tech to do it and we’re here to help you through.

  • We partner with FreeAgent to provide bookkeeping software to help you keep track of all your transactions and reduce your time spent on admin.

  • Mettle, the new digital account by NatWest is easy to open from a mobile phone, completely free of charge and integrates seamlessly with our Bookkeeping software.

  • RBS, business banking is free for two years when you open a start up account. The RBS business account integrates seamlessly with our Bookkeeping software.

  • ADM Energy PLC

    RFNG Consulting provided us Fractional CFO support through the CFO as a Service offering. Their input has been a game-changer for our organisation. Their industry-specific expertise and proactive approach have significantly improved our understanding of our financial position, and we look forward to leveraging their valuable contributions In the future.


  • Avanista & Co

    RFNG Consulting provided exceptional financial modeling for our pre-seed funding pitch. Their expertise and insights played a vital role in securing the investment we needed to launch our business. We highly recommend their services.


  • Lamika Pay

    RFNG provided us with an excellent service. They reviewed every aspect
    of our business plan and assisted us in better modelling our ideas to throw into relief, in numbers, our plans. In the process we were better able to understand our working capital assumptions and review all aspects of our plans. Their contribution was invaluable. We highly recommend them to startups or business who are about to embark on a significant expansion. They make all things clearer!”